We help organisations communicate their value through stories that inspire their stakeholders. 
Our storytelling solutions include:
Annual Reports | Integrated Reports | Sustainability Reports |
Websites | PowerPoint Slides

We help organisations communicate their value through reporting that inspires their stakeholders.Our solutions include :

Annual Reports 
Integrated Reports
Sustainability Reports
PowerPoint Slides

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Our insight led approach


We have a dedicated research & advisory team.

Our research into annual reporting trends and international best practices, delivered through the Black Sun Academy, is critical in framing our corporate reporting recommendations for clients. The Communications Brief, Discovery Workshop, Benchmarking Analysis and Content Guidelines form the foundation of our advisory services.


At the heart of our offerings is a compelling creative approach.

Our account managers, with strong editorial capabilities, work closely with our design experts. Together, they deliver powerful creative ideas that drive both editorial and visual treatments, ensuring that the company’s story is communicated in an effective manner. 


We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

We maximise the value of your information by effectively communicating it through both print, digital and social media channels. We publish award winning annual reports, and create and manage websites and videos that transform how people experience your corporate story. 


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