Tullow Oil

Demonstrating resilience for a leading independent oil company

The Challenge

Operating a portfolio across 22 countries and listed on the London, Irish and Ghanaian Stock Exchanges, Tullow wanted to cement its position as a leading independent oil company with ambitious management and a focus on best practice reporting.

Black Sun was tasked to deliver Tullow Oil's Annual Report and effectively demonstrate how sustainability is integral to their business, their strategy and business model. 

Our Approach

Structured around the business model, the Report demonstrates what differentiates Tullow, as well as how the Group measures success. A market review section reassures stakeholders of how Tullow is tackling current macro conditions, and a strategy discussion reinforces this theme, identifying short and medium-term risks. 

Significant transparency around governance drives home Tullow's promise to maintain a culture of delivering sustainable 'shared prosperity' to all stakeholders.

Our Solution

Restructure the Report to best practice standards:

Tullow Oil decided to embrace the new BIS reporting regulation in spirit as well as law. The concise Strategic Report gave an overview of the year's key stories in contrast to the more detailed Director's Report. This was supported by an engaging video which clearly explained the changes to the reporting structure for stakeholders, provided a snapshot of the year in review and a sense of the corporate culture.

Deep dives into special feature case studies:

Pieces focusing on Kenya and Ghana highlight the significance of these projects, and the way Tullow's exploration-led growth strategy is key to its success as Africa's leading independent oil company. 

Continue with the theme 'Africa's leading independent oil company':

This helped to strengthen the corporate expression of their brand, capturing the dedication to sustainable growth and their will to invest in a powerful identity, differentiated from other oil 'Majors'.

The Outcome

Through the Annual Report, CSR Report and Regional Report, Tullow has created a powerful suite of communications that have a strong, vibrant, creative identity, a clear corporate narrative and a strong investment identity that stands out from the 'Majors'.