Black Sun’s Anne Kirkeby on Gender Pay Gap with CorpComms Magazine

With the Gender pay Gap (GPG) disclosure deadline (4th April 2018) having passed, Black Sun’s lead Corporate Reporting Consultant, Anne Kirkeby spoke to CorpComms magazine for their article “Gender Pay Gap Reports Make Sorry Reading”.

GPG reporting is the Government’s headline initiative to drive increased transparency and tackle the gender pay gap in the UK. The required information includes:

  • Mean and median gender pay gap
  • Mean and median bonus gender pay gap
  • Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus
  • Proportion of males and females in each quartile pay band

Companies must publish the above statutory information annually on both a government website and their own corporate website, alongside a written statement from an appropriate senior person confirming the accuracy of the figures. Anne Kirkeby, shared in the article: ‘There is a gap between those companies which take this seriously and those which don’t. And there are some companies who take it very seriously.’

There is a duty for businesses to engage with all stakeholders – primarily, of course, their employees.

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