Connect Technology

Transform how you communicate.
Unleash the power of CONNECT.

Transform how you communicate.
Unleash the power of CONNECT.

With the multitude of communication channels available today, being empowered to manage your communications quickly and efficiently with consistent messages and content across channels has never been more important.

CONNECT is our world-class publishing platform that has empowered over 50 of our clients to manage their communications across their print, web and social channels, delivering more consistent and effective communications and saving time and money in the process.


PRINTCONNECT is a web based editing solution that empowers you to manage all your printed materials – and to publish them online.

WEBCONNECT is a world-class web content management system, powered by Adobe Experience Manager, that enables you to manage your entire web presence through a single system.

MAILCONNECT is an advanced email system that empowers you to create beautifully designed emails and to deliver and track both bulk and highly personalised emails.

SOCIALCONNECT is a powerful system to enable you to meet demand for content, build authenticity, trust and drive increased engagement

BRANDCONNECT is a Digital Asset Management system that allows you to store, manage and share your brand logos, images, film, templates and written content across the globe.

FILECONNECT is a powerful document repository and secure sharing solution with integrated version control so you can share documents and deliver projects.


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Our technology partnerships

We have been delivering powerful communications solutions since 1998, and have a renowned in-house technology team based in the UK and Singapore. We have chosen to partner some of the world's leading technology companies that enhance and power our communications solutions.

The world's leading digital experience manager.

The leading social media UGC solution provider

The most advanced employee engagement App solution.