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Your corporate website is now regarded as the ‘destination’ for corporate information. It is the one place all of your diverse stakeholders visit, and is the perfect opportunity for you to clearly articulate your corporate story coherently and compellingly. 

A truly unique and engaging website requires the combination of two essential ingredients: authentic, company-specific narrative and exceptional user experience.

This year we analysed the FTSE 100 companies against 186 metrics that reflect best practice content and effective user experience criteria. This analysis gives us a broad view of the landscape and unique insights into how companies are evolving their digital communications.

The two key ingredients we assess


Key trend for 2019: Telling an authentic story

Our 2019 research results show that FTSE 100 companies are starting to realise the importance of transforming their content from ‘basic corporate information’ to a more authentic and compelling story that inspires their stakeholders and resonates with them. While we have seen companies use more creative and impactful communications solutions on their websites, the challenge remains in finding a unique voice and articulating it in a transparent and accessible way that cuts through today’s highly fragmented and noisy market.

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