A Culture for Business Success

Your Culture, linked to your purpose and values, needs to be more than just a string of words on a page. It needs to be embedded in everything the company does and drive the way employees think, feel and behave.

The starting point is to look inside your organisation, see what makes you different and what employees think about the organisation. The Black Sun Culture Audit Tool – CAT, enables organisations and leadership to look at the key attributes within the business and to get a “snapshot in time” of how your Culture is positioned.

A straightforward online tool, CAT enables you to look through five key lenses - Leadership, People, Values, Behaviours and Company, which are then measured against Engagement and Reputation. The outputs assist in understanding how to bring your Culture to life and link Human Capital to organisational performance, and deliver effective coherent change principles that resonate with employees.

Further information on our Culture Audit Tool is available here.