Anne-Sophie Breband

Leveraging social media opportunities at a corporate level

Are you part of the conversation?

The way corporate information is shared has changed. The previous corporate communications model was ‘vertical’: coming down from a single source to a specific audience group. Messages were easily controlled. Today’s model is horizontal. When anyone has the power to share messages about a company, communication is a lot more exposed.

This radical change is an opportunity. Executives, employees, business partners and investors can now all participate in building a company’s brand image.

It is also a challenge for corporate communications departments, who have to revamp their communication model to better serve their audiences. Some are fearful of bringing their corporate stories to social media, due to lack of time or understanding. But many corporate communications specialists might ask: why not take a look at the benefits of a social media presence?

This is the one opportunity to reach audiences with more efficiency, and guarantee that messages shared on social are based on your own content. In other words, don’t let the social conversation happen without you. Be part of it, and shape it!

Extending your corporate story through your own digital ecosystem

The corporate website needs to have a central position in your digital ecosystem. It must be designed to develop the brand image, and encourage content sharing on social media. The website should promote the organisation’s work and showcase its business ambitions. A relevant social media strategy will take advantage of each of the channels’ user habits and exploit the complementary nature of the channels.

Bringing your digital ecosystem to life

In order to maintain overall coherence, it’s essential to run a coordinated editorial approach. This ensures your key messages are effective and optimizes your internal resources and time spent on managing your ecosystem.

To shape your content strategy, you may want to go through a clearly-defined step-by-step process:

  • Define narrative territories for your corporate story
  • Develop a specific approach for the executive team
  • Design your social media identity
  • Think about content diversification
  • Identify key communication moments to create social campaigns (annuals results – company innovation – employer brand challenge, etc.)
  • Define how to integrate UGC (user-generated content) to bring authenticity to your corporate story

Get it right, reap the rewards

There are many benefits of a well thought-out and well executed social media strategy:

  1. Enables you to reach new stakeholders
  2. Provides an additional engagement opportunity with shareholders
  3. Enables a mobilisation of partners
  4. Deepens employee engagement
  5. Improves brand image in the wider society
  6. Helps attract the best talent
  7. Rallies the organisations’ leadership and the ability to rally stakeholders around them


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