Event Highlights | Company engagement - whose responsibility is this?

What was the event?

Black Sun partnered with the Link Group to host an October event on stakeholder engagement and how best to drive this in a positive direction for the benefit of both companies and their stakeholders.

Sallie Pilot, Chief Insight and Engagement officer at Black Sun, laid the ground work for the session - explaining industry trends, the practical relevance of regulation such as Section 172, and how best to approach communication and engagement with internal and wider stakeholder groups.

Sallie was joined by Sharon Baylay and Helena Feltham for a panel discussion. Both Sharon and Helena are Non-Executive Directors at Ted Baker PLC. Their unique insights were developed from Communication and Human Resource backgrounds respectively, as well as years of experience in steering companies towards more positive and consistent engagement activities. Event participants were able to ask some direct questions to the panel and openly discuss some of the unique challenges facing companies today.

Key takeaways

Sharon is the Non-Executive Director nominated to be responsible for Stakeholder Engagement at her company and emphasised the point that when leveraged effectively, stakeholder engagement can be a business advantage - but only if boards don’t view it purely as a compliance exercise. There is genuine business value in the process.

Helena made numerous valid points regarding the authenticity of engagement and how, in this multi-generational world, companies need to consider both platforms and mechanism if they want any engagement process to be effective. Essentially, one size does not fit all, communicate and engage in ways that are practical.

All three panellists noted the importance of listening campaigns, explaining that true engagement comprises of listening, understanding then actioning, with constant communication throughout the process.

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