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What was the event?

At the end of June 2019, Black Sun launched our latest corporate reporting research, “The Ecosystem of Authenticity,” at a full capacity event in London.

In addition to an overview of our research findings and interactive round-table discussions, the many investors, company secretaries, business representatives and industry affiliates who attended were able to glean first-hand accounts of communications challenges, solutions and opinions from our diverse panel.

Black Sun has been tracking the evolution of corporate reporting for more than 14 years, examining how corporate reports are responding to a changing operating environment, evolving regulatory landscapes, dynamic stakeholder needs and new market pressures. A summary of the report is available here.

The world is transitioning; the speed of technology, automation and artificial intelligence, climate change and intergenerational inequality are all elements of a new reality. Concepts like purpose, wider value creation and contribution to society have become part of everyday language. It is increasingly clear that, to keep our planet and societies viable in the long term while supporting prosperity, we all have a responsibility to ensure that this transition becomes more inclusive than those that came before.

Now more than ever, businesses need the trust of their stakeholders and society at large to prosper over the long term. Black Sun’s research has discovered that such trust is effectively comprised of six principles. Principles that are intrinsically linked to one another, forming part of an ecosystem, whereby change to one element automatically impacts them all. Fundamental to all six principles, however, is authenticity.

Key takeaways

At the event, the main discussions and themes were broadly in line with our “Six principles of trust”:

  • Purpose
  • Culture
  • Stakeholders
  • Diversity
  • Wider value-creation
  • Long-term thinking

Our research this year shows broad improvements in most areas, with more dramatic improvements around topics driven by regulatory changes.


Event participants were able to ask some direct questions to the panel and openly discuss some of the unique challenges facing companies today.

Our sincere thanks to all four panellists, who each brought unique insights and perspectives to the panel discussion:

  • Julian Anderson, Legal Counsel and Company Secretary, Antofagasta
  • Lisa Tremble, Head of External Affairs, Direct Line Group
  • Shelly Patel, Head of Investor Relations, Rathbones Brothers
  • Pamela Coles, Chief Governance Officer/Company Secretary at Rolls-Royce Holdings 

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The “Ecosystem of Authenticity” is the flagship research in our Horizon Series; an extensive research programme which annually identifies best practice and emerging trends in corporate communications, across key channels and geographies.