Event Highlights | To Authenticity and Beyond

What was the event?

On 17th October, we launched the fifth edition of our annual digital research publication, ‘To Authenticity and beyond’, which identifies the latest trends among FTSE100 corporate websites.

This research is the latest in our Horizon research series, and involved the analysis of the FTSE100 companies against 186 metrics that reflect best practice content and effective user experience. Our research provides unique insights into how companies are evolving their digital communications and articulating their corporate stories to all their stakeholders. 

Why is the corporate website important?

Digital communications have transformed how we think, work and communicate. Corporate websites are now regarded as the principal destination for corporate information. It is the one place all of your company’s diverse stakeholders visit, which makes it the perfect opportunity to clearly articulate your corporate story in a coherent and compelling way. FTSE100 companies are under increasing scrutiny from regulators, investors and the wider public, which means that corporate websites are now an important medium for companies to communicate how they create long-term value.

Key takeaways from the event

Our 2019 research highlights that FTSE100 companies are starting to realise the importance of transforming their content from ‘basic corporate information’ to a more authentic and compelling story that inspires their stakeholders and resonates with them. Companies are using more creative and impactful communications solutions on their websites, but some still need to find a unique voice and articulate it in a transparent and accessible way that cuts through today’s fragmented and noisy market.

Companies are also acknowledging that effective digital communication has a pivotal impact on the way they are perceived by investors and other stakeholders. As a result, companies are aiming to provide a captivating experience, focusing on creative identity and striving to showcase a culture narrative. However, while companies are more effectively utilising their websites to leverage corporate information, the information provided often remains rather top-line with many companies not yet evidencing their claims effectively.

You can watch a recap of the event here.

Key challenges facing companies

Our digital research event also provided the opportunity for communication and corporate reporting professionals to share their ideas and concerns. Our discussions revealed that companies are facing the following core challenges:

·       Balancing both consumer and corporate information needs on their website

·       Balancing the global and localised nature of companies’ operations

·       Managing the preferences of the various stakeholders responsible for the website’s content

·       Integrating companies’ multiple brands within the corporate website

·       Effectively integrating ESG discussions

·       Leveraging information from the annual report onto the corporate website

·       Making progress on the website without proactive senior management endorsement

·       Catering for the younger generation, and what they want from a website experience

How Black Sun can help?

Want some insights to enhance the content or user experience on your corporate website? We can provide a benchmark assessment to evaluate how your website stacks up. To request a personalised assessment, please get in touch with

Black Sun has extensive digital experience working on a range of projects, including B2B and B2C websites, online annual reports, global intranets and global product sites. We also offer bespoke solutions, such as employee apps, social media and film. We can transform how people experience your corporate story, and help bring your content to life through powerful imagery, compelling messages and engaging content.

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