Harnessing the Power of Technology

In January we hosted an event discussing the challenges of delivering more effective, more connected, more experiential communications. With communications running 24/7, the plethora of different channels, and audiences expecting a seamless experience and consistent messages across different touchpoints, delivering effective communications has never been more challenging, and has left some organisations scrambling to keep up.

Our event looked at how technology is changing corporate communications in a major way. While there are notable challenges, technology is now providing a solution.

Here are 5 key topics from the event:

 - Low trust in business & rising expectations from different stakeholder groups who are more empowered than ever and will take action.

 - Corporates often struggle to convey a consistent message across all their communication channels at a time when great communications has never been more important.

 - The need to build blended content strategies, where corporates owned assets (website, brand hub, database, social media, reports) live at the centre of their publishing priorities.

 - It’s all about the experience. Whatever touch point your audiences engages with you, they are seeing a consistent story. Everything is more visual, with authentic, original, real content.

 - However there are shrinking budgets and rising expectations for communications teams. While it’s now recognised a better reputation in business contributes to the bottom line.

We discussed these issues in context with a live demonstration of our CONNECT platform. This is a new integrated communications technology platform build by Black Sun, powered by Adobe Experience Manager. The platform enables publishing across four channels Print, Web, Mail and Social media, and manages your brand assets globally so that all your communication can be managed from a single place.

From understanding the demands on communicators, we wanted to empower you to deliver more effective, more connected, more experiential communications. By being able to tap into your own distribution and amplification channels, it allows you to own and create your own brand of storytelling with authentic, engaging and consistent communications.

If you are experiencing any of the key challenges discussed, please get in touch to find out more about our CONNECT platform.

Unleash the power of CONNECT. Transform how you communicate with your stakeholders.