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The Future of Governance and Reporting

Black Sun provides key insights and research to assist our clients and to contribute to the wider debate and discussion on best practice of corporate governance, corporate reporting and future trends impacting organisations and their key stakeholders.

The role of corporate reporting and corporate governance in re-building trust and inspiring confidence in the UK economy has been brought to the forefront in addressing the challenges and to drive change through three clear agendas: the Corporate Governance Code, the UK’s Strategic Report and the future of reporting through new digital frontiers.

We have several resources available here to help you stay up to date on all the changes and discussions. To receive further updates on governance and reporting please contact Sarah Myles.


Corporate Governance


Sallie Pilot, Chief Insight and Engagement Officer

Explores 25 years of Corporate Governance and a look back on the Cadbury Report here

The future of the UK Corporate Governance Code

What’s in store for the UK Corporate Governance Code?

David Styles, Director, Corporate Governance, FRC shares insights into the development of the Code

10 Top Tips for Boards trying to better communicate their corporate stories here


Narrative Reporting and The Strategic Report


FRC's consultation to the Guidance on the Strategic Report

Key insights and our full response to the FRC's consultation to the Guidance on the Strategic Report

Deepa Raval, Director of Narrative Reporting, FRC discusses key themes to consider

Updates to Strategic Report Guidance – the key focus areas

Key insights on the future of the Strategic Report from our event with the FRC


The Future of Digital


What does iXBRL mean for companies?

iXBRL Whitepaper 

Let’s get Digital

Catch a glimpse of the future of reporting from the Financial Reporting Lab

Phil Fitz - Gerald, Director of the Financial Reporting Lab, FRC discusses the future of digital impacts on reporting

Interview with Mirko Savarese, Director of Digital Technology - 5 questions related to iXBRL 

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A survey conducted at our event What Next? Future of Governance and Reporting asked participants:

'What are the risks that keep your Board awake at night?’ and ‘What are the real drivers of value in your organisation?

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