Ticking the boxes, but missing the point? Complete 100 research

Now in its 11th year, this edition of our Complete 100 research ‘Ticking the boxes but missing the point’  focuses on how companies are, or are not as the case may be, communicating their value creation story.

In general, companies tick all of the right boxes and cover off all of the regulatory requirements. However, while companies are using the right words, what’s missing is the convincing and shareholder enticing story. We are increasingly finding that when we read annual reports they technically score very well in our assessment, but we are left without a clear sense of how they differentiate themselves, what their investment case is and how they create long-term sustainable value.  

Is the annual report in its current state missing the point? Is it fit for purpose for all of a company’s stakeholders? How can it be better supported by other channels to give a more holistic view of an organisation and how it operates?

Some of the key highlights from the research include:

- An enhanced focus on Corporate Governance including succession planning discussions and elaborations on the strength of the Board

- Greater focus on risk including increased use of the risk heat matrix, discussions around risk appetite, and indication of change for each risk

- Enhanced focus on corporate culture including commitment to corporate culture, detailed discussions on stakeholder engagement and attempts to embed values and aligning them with employee appraisals


Pictured right is Anne Kirkeby, Lead Corporate Reporting Consultant, who lead this year's research. She built on the last 10 years of our Complete 100 research to challenge us to think differently and break down the silos to look at four key themes overall: value creation, connectivity & long-term thinking, governance & accountability and corporate culture. 

If you would like to arrange to meet with Anne, please contact Sarah Myles at


Insights from the day

Key discussion points and insights from the event are summarised in this brief whitepaper

This short video shows snippets of the presentation and panel discussions during the launch event

A brief summary of key insights, trends and best practice of how companies are communicating through their annual reports.

Debating the point of annual reports with investors and corporates.



Extending your value creation story

Investor Engagement, Human Capital, Sustainability and Reputation Management each provide significant opportunity for the value creation process. They do so either by attracting investment to improve value creation (Investor Engagement), enable value creation (Human Capital), mitigate value destruction (Sustainability) or protect value being created (Reputation Management). 

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