Demonstrating progress against value creation

The Challenge

The key communication objective for G4S was to continue to demonstrate sustainable value creation and to highlight continuing progress against the 2013 Strategic Review.

G4S wanted to pursue a more integrated reporting structure that better reflected the Group’s values, ethics and the link between CSR and its corporate strategy.

Our Approach

The approach was to create a strong theme on delivering value, and to ensure that this was carried through the Annual Report and CSR Report.

With a focus on the people throughout the reports, this theme was brought to life and made the reports a much more informative read.

We also created a simple online summary report to communicate the information, and signposted this more prominently throughout the website.

This was made more engaging through imagery and dynamic content that encouraged users to further explore the content.

Our Solution

Key material business issues are discussed within the ‘Strategy in action’, section marking a big step forward towards a more holistic and integrated approach to reporting, and giving stakeholders a more complete understanding of the impact these areas have on the operational performance of the business.

This year the Annual Report was better promoted on the website in an appealing format that communicates easily digestible, 'bite-size' business stories.

The Outcome

G4S has achieved its communications objective of demonstrating sustainable value creation.

The theme of 'Delivering value for our customers and shareholders' for the Annual Report and 'Our values at work' in the CSR Report ensured this message was seamlessly communicated across the reporting suite.

This content has been delivered consistently through both print and digital communications.