Old Mutual

Empowering your intermediaries

The Challenge

Old Mutual Global Investors wished to empower the Financial Advisers to be able to produce and issue personalised fund reports to their own clients.

Our challenge was how to enable this and to make it easy for advisers to do.

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Our Approach

Old Mutual already provided reports, so what we needed to understand was the required detail and level of personalisation required for the reports, in order to make FAs use the solution.

We then developed a bespoke application that could take information from Old Mutual and then enable each FA to personalise the content as they saw fit for their clients.

Our Solution

The resultant portal empowered the FA to create their own personalised report, to update their client contact details within the portal.

The FA could then either print and post the report or email a link to it for clients to access.

Isometric iPad Pro 2018 Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

The Outcome

The portal is intended to make the FAs life much easier to create and deliver these reports, and to empower them to make sure that it is personalised for each and every one of their client.

The result is that clients get a much more tailored experience.