Rank Values

Bringing Values to Life through powerful creative identities


Rank needed to roll-out new Group values to build synergies and common working practices across its different businesses.

The Approach

We worked with Rank to create an approach that would not only create awareness of the new values, but also clearly demonstrate and celebrate the types of behaviours expected from employees.

The Solution

We created a unique values identity, STARS, with strong brand guidelines ensuring they are consistently communicated across the Group. We then created a ‘values microsite’, designed to act as a content hub around values and behaviours.

The microsite showcased curated stories of employees demonstrating the group values of Service,Teamwork, Ambition, Responsibility, and Solutions.

The Outcome

While our STARS' graphic identity made the new Group values instantly recognisable to anyone in the company, our microsite gave the communications team an opportunity to share company news with a values angle and reinforce expected behaviours on a daily basis.