Linking a global workforce

A global workforce

Vesuvius (FTSE250) is a global leader in metal flow engineering, providing a full range of engineering services and solutions, operating in 38 countries. Many of the employees work away from desks and so do not have access to the normal channels of communications.  


The challenge was how to enable global communications that would reach and engage all colleagues, communications from the top down and peer to peer to enable collaboration.

Linked together

We worked with Vesuvius to develop an employee App that would enable global communications and that all employees would be able to access. Through consultation with the business leadership and employees we ascertained the content that would be the most engaging for colleagues and developed the App structure and content that would deliver this content both for launch and ongoing. 


We created the App name and icon, and developed the App design to live the Vesuvius brand and encourage engagement. We also established an editorial board with broad representation to facilitate the ongoing production of content and to have local 'champions' in the business.

Stronger, faster, together

A successful launch is key to the success of these programmes, and so we created a launch campaign that would raise awareness and encourage colleagues to download the App. This included a launch video, posters, animated screen savers, and emails. We also ensured that through the App colleagues could access the key internal systems such as holidays or staff awards which also drives visits.

With an award winning App

The V.Link App has been a great success, with employees downloading and engaging with the content. Adoption by the senior management team has also encouraged broader use, and the content has been sustained since the App was launched. Highly positive feedback has been received internally.

Most recently, we were recognised at the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards, winning Bronze for Best Use of mobile or apps